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Smart, witty one-hour show that aired on the CW Tuesdays at 9/8 Central about a teenage private eye who could kick Nancy Drew's ass around the block. It was, sadly, cancelled after 3 seasons. Check it out on DVD or thewb.com and join us!


1. Post spoilers and discussion of new episodes for the week after the new episode airs behind a cut.

2. Please also post any spoiler speculation(whether it's based on actual spoilers or not) or comments about spoilers behind an lj-cut. Specify in your cut if your speculation is based on spoilers or not.

3. When you post spoilers, tell what you are spoiling. For instance: discussion about tonight's episode, spoilers up to tonight's episode only or discussion about tonight's episode and the promo for next week. Then there's the obvious, FUTURE EPISODE SPOILERS!!! DON'T CLICK IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED!!

4. Casting spoilers? are SPOILERS. Put those behind an lj-cut that says casting spoilers for future episodes or casting spoilers for ep 3.6. There are people who want to be completely in the dark about things that are coming.

4a. Spoilers for other shows, casting or otherwise, are spoilers and should be behind a cut. There are many cross-fandom people here that watch other shows and do not want to be spoiled. Be considerate and use an lj-cut for those shows as well as the one we are here for. (This includes putting spoilers in the subject field. Be vague.)

5. On the evening of a new episode, I will not be giving warnings about deleting posts. If these guidelines aren't followed, I will simply delete your post. Consider this your warning.

5a. I will also be deleting posts that are repetitive. For example, if you don't know when a new episode is airing instead of making a new post about it scroll. I can almost guarantee you that the question has been asked and answered.

6. There have been some questions about why I don't make a single post for the night a new episode airs. The quick and easy explanation is that I don't like it. I think it stifles community discussion and it's also incredibly hard to manage after the comments collapse. I'm going to assume that since you're here, you want to hear what fellow fans have to say. Don't whine about the community flooding your friends page. That will only cause extreme eye-rolling from my corner of the internet. Instead, create a filter or remove the comm from your flist the day the ep airs and re-add it once things have calmed down. Be responsible for your own journaling activities.

7. Please friends lock all posts that could be considered "questionable behaviour."

8. Icon posts should be directed to veronica_icons. Fanfic posts should be directed to veronicamarsfic. Graphic posts should be directed to vm_graphics. Music video posts should be directed to neptune_video.

9. VIDEOS - Sharing videos of cast interviews (i.e., vids you've come across (not CREATED) on youtube, myspace, google, etc) is fine. However, please do not embed the videos. A link to the website will be sufficient and that way the original vid maker is credited. Please use the tags option to see if the vid you are posting has already been shared. This will cut down on repetitive posts. Sharing videos you MADE (i.e., fanvids, music videos, etc.) is NOT. Share videos you have created at neptune_video. Read the rules there, too.

10. Instead of starting your post with "I'm not sure if this has been posted before or not, but...", how about scrolling the community to see if it's been posted? 9 times out of 10, it has. If that's too much work for you, check out the memories and the tags.

11. Spam is unwelcome. As is chatspeak. Noone wants to spend an hour trying to decipher your "l33t sp3ak". Write out your words and post like a human being.

12. Promotional posts, whether it is for MySpace, another LJ comm, a contest, etc., should not appear repeatedly. Once is enough. Please email one of the mods to make sure it is cool to promote your thing first. If you feel you have a good case for repeated promotion, such as "enter the contest now see the winners", email one of us.

13. Using tags is now a required action when making posts in this community. If you are unsure how to use tags, read LJ's FAQ how to.


We can't be everywhere at all times. So if you see someone breaking the rules, feel free to direct them here or to a mod's post. If the interaction devolves into flame-like activity, don't hesitate to email me or one of the other mods with a specific link to where it's going down. We will take care of it.

The community was founded by dachelle, and is moderated by tiggz. We also have three co-mods to help with the day to day maintenance. They are _voxy, carpedi7, and roniabirk. If you have any problems or concerns, please contact the mods at vm.comm.mods AT gmail DOT com.

For more info on Veronica Mars, check out the official CW site, NeptuneSite, Neptune High, Mars Investigations, She's a Marshmallow, and Television Without Pity's Veronica Mars forum and recaps.

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