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bluesuzanne in veronica_mars

Kristen Bell in Jane Magazine

Since it's been around for a while now and no one has posted it, here's a scan of Kristen Bell in Jane Magazine. I'm not sure whose scan this is, so if you know, could you please tell me so I can credit them? :) Big thanks to the scanner...

ETA : Huge thanks to
(LJ is kind of screwy atm) for scanning the pic, you're awesome! :)

I've put the image under the cut as I know some people are very offended by the nudity. It's very tasteful though and you can't really see anything. An absolutely gorgeous photo.


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Number nine, the ear.
Number ten, te big toe.
Number eleven, more naughty bits.
Number twelve, the naughty bits of Kristen Bell.
Thank you! I'd been waiting for someone to post this.

Hey, I love your fanart. Mind if I friend you? :)
Thank you :) Not at all, I'll add you too
Holy. Crap. Gorgeous photo of a gorgeous girl.
Well now that I've actually seen it, everybody's fuss and complaining seems even more unnecessary. Besides the fact that it's apparently an article showing a bunch of naked famous people, the picture itself is still very nice and really shouldn't be offending people so much...maybe those people hadn't seen it?
who were the other "10 people you want to see naked ..." ??
OMG! i LOVE your icon! Conan is a GOD!
Yay! I was hoping someone would post the pic.
I don't see what the fuss is about! The picture is gorgeous and tasteful--about the same amount of skin you'd see if she were in a bathing suit, really. It's not like you can actually see her nauthy bits--just the implication of them. ;)
I think the point is that people were making the fuss before they'd seen the pic. Or maybe they will still feel it's distasteful now, I don't know *shrug*

Thanks for posting...

This reminds me a bit of what The West Wing's Janel Maloney did a few years back. A beautiful photo of a beautiful woman, less revealing than some of what you'd see in an art museum.
Your icon is adorable!

And Kristen is gorgeous.
thanks for posting the pic. I agree that it's completely tasteful and absolutely beautiful...

Beautiful pic. Thanx for posting it, Blue!


She looks amazing, just like she always does.

Certain people were whining over nothing.

== BearDogg-X ==
thanks for posting this! I have been wanting to see it.
WOW. She's absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks for posting and thanks to bluegreensmoke for scanning.
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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