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bluesuzanne in veronica_mars

HQ picture of Jason Dohring and his wife

Just thought some people might be interested to see this HQ picture of Jason with his wife Loren


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Um... hmm... maybe she should've worn a bra with that shirt? Or am I making this up?
nope, not just you. esp when it's hq photo.
Amen! Ah. Jason.
Why is he cheating on me with that titty-popping slut!!
best comment.
There goes my fantasies. Why did you have to tell me he's married? :p
Does it make it worse to hear that he's also a scientologist, and would probably only marry you if you were too? (Oh, and she is, btw!)
Yeah, can we just pretend that he doesn't have a wife? Girlfriend is bad enough, but wife is so *permanent*, and doesn't jive with the whole "hot high schooler" image. ;P
I don't trust a woman who spells Lauren with an "o".
it's so disappointing that he's really taken..
she looks like she'd been on the Atkins diet for a little too long.
i like logan better than jason
haha, logan = younger looking
jason = older looking

if that makes any sense? :P
I thought the exact same thing! Weird, isn't it?

Also: he and his wife have eyes the exact same color.
don't think she is that pretty. and damn i would hate to have HQ pics on the net of myself haha.
*crys* I didn't know that he was married! And he's a scientologist?!

Gah. I'm going to pretend I never read that.
She seems really sweet they are cute together...lucky girl, but needs a bra.
WOW Lucky bitch not needing a bra...i'd need titty tape to get that effect. As much as it annoys they look amazingly cute togther and also she's very 'normal' looking i expected him to be married to someone very very Princessy for some reason but she looks okay i guess kinda cutesy cutesy but i still think i'd look better on his arm LOL!! I would need to ask my fiancé if that would be okay first though ahaha..this post cracked me up!!
Okay, I feel stupid, but does anyone want to tell me what HQ means?
I believe it's "high quality."
does anyone eles think she looks a little old for him


yeah - she has got some serious crows feet around her eyes. i bet she's older than him by a few years.
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