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January 26th, 2005

vob van lowe

pixelarious in veronica_mars

(no subject)

I read an article today about how "One Tree Hill" is apparently the show that could, started out terribly but has gained an audience. It's winning in the Tues at 9 spot (against as we all know the best show ever), especially in the age 12-something girls' group. So that made me wonder- are VM fans just older than OTH fans? It seems to me I've noticed a slightly older-skewing bunch of people on this comm, so do you think that's true for all VM fans? Or just us? And btw, how old *are* we all?
(I'll start- I'm 23 and 3/4.)
: )

No pressure to answer, of course. I was just wondering.

jennyo in veronica_mars

New Site: Veronica's Addressbook

Just FYI, especially if you're a Veronica Mars sitemaster: Veronica's Addressbook, a database-driven links directory, is now open at http://veronica.imjustsayin.net -- all I ask is that if you're not the site's proprietor, you don't submit the site. If you don't see your favorite site or LJ there, tell that siterunner about this site, don't submit it, just so I don't have to delete multiple submissions of a site and the site owner can describe it to his or her content.

Hope this is helpful to folks!

mer314 in veronica_mars


Hi - been lurking for awhile, but wanted to ask a couple of questions.

-- even though I've watched the show since the beginning (b/c it's fantastic!), I am dumb and still can't seem to figure out the meaning of "09ers"? Help!

-- I missed the two episodes in January ("Silence of the Lamb" and "Clash of the Tritons") -- who is Clarence Weidman?

Actually, since I missed those two episodes, if anyone wants to fill me in, I would greatly appreciate it. I love spoilers, so don't bother sensoring youself.

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