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January 9th, 2005

noneyobizznizz in veronica_mars

Some pictures from SF

The rain sucked, but it was worth it.
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roswell78 in veronica_mars



The cast autograph session at the Sony Metreon today was so awesome!!!!!!!!!

I brought the bag that veronica uses on the show and Kristen signed it! <33

Did anyone else go?

cadhla in veronica_mars

SF signing, Sony Metreon.

Yesterday, goweli, porpentine and I hit the Veronica Mars cast signing at the Sony Metreon. goweli kindly got there first to hold a place in line for the rest of us, putting us somewhere around twenty people from the front of the queue. This was at eleven o'clock. The line would remain light and 'why did we hurry, again?' until twelve-thirty or so, then explode into sudden activity. By the time we left, people were standing outside in a vast line that curved around the end of the block. Let's hear it for being early!

In which we are disappointed that they do not stick the cast in 'Where the Wild Things Are'.Collapse )
autumn make up

dancingshoe in veronica_mars

Veronica Mars pictures!

Pictures from the San Francisco signing!Collapse )
Veronica Mars

kryptonsite in veronica_mars

Hopeful Thought

With the improved ratings this week, and the reaction VM seemed to get at the Sony Metreon, could it be that the mainstream popularity of Veronica Mars is now beginning?

I'm curious how well the repeats of eps 1, 3, and 4 at the end of the month will do. I really do believe if people just watch the show, they'll be immediately hooked! And of course we all can brag that we were here "back in the day" before everyone else realized how cool it was.

Trend-setters, we are. ;)

Thanks to everyone who are posting their recaps of the event - it sounds like a blast!

harshday in veronica_mars

(no subject)

Why Veronica Mars is such a dynamic show.

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Sorry I butchered the English language so bad, but it's true. Veronica Mars needs to be known.
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