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December 28th, 2004

lady ryry

ryryguy in veronica_mars

text message from Veronica.

"Does that thin line between love and hate, excuse what I'm about to do to Duncan?- VM"

Interesting. This week's episode is a rerun of "Like A Virgin" right?

EDIT: Also, check out the fun poll at the UPN page and vote on who you think killed Lilly.

orinara in veronica_mars

(no subject)

*waves* Long time lurker, first time poster. Anyhoo, I happened to see the View today...and Kristen Bell was one of the hosts! Maybe I'm just slow, but I didn't know she was 24. Guess I shouldn't be surprised...most teens are played by 20 year olds.

And she couldn't get a word in edgewise around those other three people. I don't usually watch the View...now I know why. They don't talk about anything.
middleman - wet

horsefacehannah in veronica_mars

Silence of the Lamb

Episode Summary for Silence of the Lamb. Spoilers, of course.Collapse )

How HMS Pinafore is that???

uberbabe in veronica_mars

(no subject)

Did anyone else happen to notice this Clues Tree at UPN? It tells all the relevant details of all the characters.details of some characters that I missed somehow - possibly spoilerish?Collapse )
lady ryry

ryryguy in veronica_mars

Veronica Mars cast coming to San Francisco!

Their next stop will be at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco next Saturday afternoon at 2, I believe. I saw an ad for it while watching tonight's episode.

Is there anyone out there who is also from the San Francisco Bay Area? The ad told me to go to our local UPN site(http://www.upn44.com), but I couldn't find anything. If anyone has any more information, please comment.

EDIT: Thanks to ladycalliope, the page is http://kbhk.com/whatshotnow/local_story_364122034.html. There's also a chance to win VIP passes.
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