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December 4th, 2004


staticradar in veronica_mars

Last Day!

Don't forget today is the last day to sign up for the veronicamarsss Secret Santa Fic for Veronica Mars. Please sign up if you wanna participate. sign ups end tonight and the assignments will be sent out tomorrow.

Last Chance guys. Go on and do it it'll be fun!
run lola run

kalena_henden in veronica_mars

to the winner go the spoils

From Watch With Kristin (Dec 4th) @ E!online--

Which is why, ladies and gentletubers, we are kicking off our first annual...drumroll, please...Watch It, Already! Awards. Our mission? To inspire the world (or at least, the sorry souls who follow this column) to start watching the quality TV series they've been missing. Specifically, we'll pinpoint the one very best series that people aren't watching and spread the word in an effort to save it from the impending cancellation doom.

Now, because this column has always been about give and take, naturally, I want your input. So, please, take a second to email me with the one low-rated series you love best--using the name of that show as your subject line. The following are a few possible candidates, based on the support emails that many of you have already sent in, but you can pick any low-rated show you like.

American Dreams, NBC
Arrested Development, Fox
Jack & Bobby, WB
Life As We Know It, ABC
The Fountain, WB
Scrubs, NBC
Veronica Mars, UPN

The winning show of this year's Watch It, Already! Award receives an E! Online column touting its greatness, a segment hosted by moi on E! News Live, and a bunch of fancy little trophies that we'll send to the show runner(s) and stars.

SO EMAIL HER ALREADY!!! ;) Fortunately, we don't have to worry about cancellation since UPN signed them for the rest of the season but it would be great publicity for the show.
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