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October 28th, 2004

Duncan and Logan

kryptonsite in veronica_mars

Site Announcement

To help get the word out about the show, and also of course to spread my own personal love for Veronica Mars, I've decided to go ahead and launch a website, much like the KryptonSite I've posted for Smallville. Hopefully it will be a fan resource people will like, and I really want to make an effort to not step on the toes of any already-existing (and wonderful) VM site that is already out there. So, without further ado, :::takes the plunge:::

Any feedback on the site would be welcome; I'd love to hear what people would like to see. I'm not doing a widespread announced launch of it until next week when a forum and more good stuff will be added. I'm hoping some of the Smallville fans who visit K-Site will come on over and check out Mars. Likewise, if there are any regular features one would like to see on the site or contribute (Who Killed Lilly theories, anything like that) please let me know. I really want to make it into something good. Just comment here or e-mail me.

And of course, this is my vote or confidence or hope that Veronica Mars will make its way through the masses and be seen as the hit that we know it is. *fingers crossed* I've really been impressed by the online VM community so far, so many neat ideas and cool fans, so hopefully this will all turn out well.

ratzcrackers in veronica_mars

(no subject)

So, for the lack of anything better to do, I was trying to figure out where things fit in the Veronica Mars universe timeline. This version, however, does include website material. I know that some people wouldn't consider that canon, but since there aren't any glaring contradictions to what's been presented on the show, I take it into account. But with a grain of salt. The photo gallery does label Veronica/Duncan pictures as at "prom". And I'm not sure if people would really go to prom, unless they were a junior/senior, or had a date who was a junior/senior, which neither of them could be. (They were most likely freshmen then.)

Yes! Another timeline!Collapse )

Except I don't know when their Homecoming dance would fit in. You would think that it took place sometime in October. Best speculation I could come up with is that the Homecoming dance took place in their freshman year.

And if there are any extra clues, let me know. I'm feeling nerdy.

The ages of Duncan and Lilly also confuses me. Who's older? Are they all in the same grade? Theoretically, they could be twins.
olicity by sentence-fragments

calliope1975 in veronica_mars


UPN has updated the official website. Be sure to cehck out the "Ask Veronica" emails. There's a little dig in at Troy in the most recent one.

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