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October 23rd, 2004

Veronica Mars

kryptonsite in veronica_mars

Veronica Mars in Entertainment Weekly

There's a great piece on VM in the latest Entertainment Weekly (with Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles on the cover). Reviewer Gillian Flynn really seems to love the show, and gives it an A-. Most interesting tidbit inside? MAJOR SPOILER - dont click if you dont want to knowCollapse )

Still, a very cool article.
Duncan and Logan

kryptonsite in veronica_mars

Meeting Kristen Bell!

Tonight I coaxed my friend Heath into going with me to stand outside of where they tape the Jimmy Kimmel Show with hopes of meeting Veronica herself, Kristen Bell.

Before going there we went to some Hollywood collector's shops with hopes of finding a poster or a photo of her to sign, but no, VM was too new they said. *pout* So we got there, and there were only like three autograph collectors out there (there's usually more, and these people often do it professionally) but they were there to meet/get autographs from the creators of South Park. When I said I was there to meet Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars, they look puzzled and had never heard of the show. Heath tried to chime in that Kristen was on Deadwood but that, too, went right over their heads. *sigh*

So we waited around for a half hour or so and then finally, a car pulls up and some people come out, including a blond girl who I wasn't totally sure if it was her. I called out "Ms. Bell?" like the dork that I am (yes, too shy to just yell "Kristen!") and she turned around as did this man with her who could've been her dad for all I knew. I took two photos with her, in case they don't come out. She was running late so I didn't really get to talk to her, but I did ask if the cast was clued in on spoilerCollapse ) I'll post the photos unless they suck.

And OMG Kristen Bell is so TINY!! Like, almost Soleil Moon Frye level tiny. She is SMALL! Heath thought she was cute, but he STILL won't watch the show. *Growls in his general direction* Her hair was a bit longer, like in the Lilly flashback scenes. Of course if you saw the Kimmel appearance, you'll see she looked fantastic.

I wanted to try and get tickets to see the show itself but Heath didn't seem interested, and since he's the friend that went with me and told me where to go for autographs, I didn't want to be a pain. I did see the show when it was on ABC tonight, which also provided us a look at her boyfriend, a former PA on "The Man Show" who I think she's engaged to.

Still, had a fun evening... from the Kimmel appearance and even briefly meeting her I don't think she has any idea how appreciated and loved the show iis already.
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