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September 30th, 2004


jennyo in veronica_mars

Some Veronica Mars fic...

So I just wrote and posted me some V-Mars fic: Where Your Wings Have Gone which is probably PG-13 instead of an R. Hope you enjoy!
veronicamarshmallow by porpentine

ohimesamamama in veronica_mars

Just noticed --

My local UPN affiliate, rather than running Smackdown! as they usually would tonight, are rerunning the second episode of Veronica Mars at 8/7 Central, just before they show the presidential debates, which will likely play silly buggers with TV schedules across the board. The things that sneak up on you when you're writing your local affiliate to tell them to support your beleaguered show.

I'd like to say it was a promising sign that they seem to be rerunning it wherever they can in hopes they can catch some more viewers; I hope it means that UPN sees the promise of this show and is willing to be patient and persistent to build it an audience. It seems to be one of UPN's new strategies: got an empty block of time? Rerun the latest Veronica Mars episode! I can't say I object to this strategy. I just hope it WORKS.

Anyway, while it's probably a lost cause to throw it on opposite Survivor and Joey, I figured I'd point out they're doing it, anyway, whilst idly musing on other ways to build the show a solid fanbase so it doesn't break my heart and get cancelled.

lemniskate in veronica_mars

transcript of the pilot

Not sure if I'm going to try to do this again -- it *seriously* takes some time. Not sure if I'll even have the chance, if the ratings continue like they are. :(

But anyways. I transcribed the pilot episode. Please feel free to comment with corrections and suggestions.

one note -- I don't use character names unless they're given on the show. I may know from the official website who someone is, but unless their name is given in the episode (or until their name is given), I don't use it.

Transcript for VM 100 - the Pilot

jennyo in veronica_mars

V-Mars Meta

I discuss Veronica Mars and its connections to Twin Peaks and My So-Called Life here.

greeneyes44 in veronica_mars

(no subject)

hey y'all! i'm new to the community (obviously). anyway, i'm so excited that there is already a veronica mars community because if there hadn't been, i was going to make one myself. it would have been a good one too though. not like that last community my friend and i made, it sucked. and there were only 3 people in it.

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