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September 29th, 2004

zgirl714 in veronica_mars

Veronica at Television Without Pity

Lookie Lookie! The Couch Baron loves Veronica too! Check out the episode summary!
is that the girl is dead

callmesandy in veronica_mars

(no subject)

I made an attempt to organize what we know about the murder of Lilly Kane and even, er, speculate in my lj: here.

And! Two things about last night's ep: spoilersCollapse )
carl peter freedom gig

dachelle in veronica_mars

Ratings, Week 2

From Zap2it:

In its time period premiere, CBS' "Clubhouse" did a 7.1/11 at 9 p.m. ABC was second with the 6.6/10 average for "According to Jim" and "Rodney," though the ABC comedies actually average more viewers over the hour than the CBS baseball drama. On NBC, "Father of the Pride" (5.3/8) and "Scrubs" (5.7/9) were third. The WB moved up to fourth with "One Tree Hill," which held onto its premiere momentum with a 3.5/5, better than FOX's "The Next Great Champ." Despite a solid encore of its premiere on Friday, UPN's "Veronica Mars" failed to find traction in its time period, doing a 1.8/3.

It may not be time to go into panic mode yet, but it's also probably not a bad idea to start sending the message to UPN that there is a devoted audience for this show out there beyond the Nielsen boxes.

UPN Address: Dawn Ostroff
President, UPN-TV
11800 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

UPN E-mail: feedback@upn.com

Networks usually take snail mail more seriously than e-mail. If you do send mail, send a postcard - it avoids the security concerns raised by envelopes and ensures that your message will be read. Whatever medium you use, be polite and to the point. Thank UPN for putting a well-written and well-acted show like Veronica Mars on the air, and express your hopes that it stay on the air. If you are in a desireable advertiser demographic, mention that, too.

You may also want to look up your local UPN affiliate online and send a message to the station manager letting him or her know how much you're enjoying watching VM.

ladykells in veronica_mars

Ello! :D

Hi hi Veronica Mars fans! I'm so glad I founf this place cause I'm obsessed with the show, it's absolutly fantastic. Upn cancels, and they're mailbox becoms full of death threats. Muahaha. Well, I'm Kells, and You'll probably see Icon posts from me. toodles! :D
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