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September 28th, 2004

yourockmysox in veronica_mars

(no subject)

heck yes! finally a veronica mars community. i love that show. im looking forward to reading every ones posts and stuff, this community sounds chill.
me and lowren!

maleficent_rage in veronica_mars

love it!

Hi! My name is Danielle and I was so happy to see this community. I watched the pilot of this show last week and was completely sucked in. I am freaking out, of course, that it will get cancelled before it has a chance to blossom....like my other two favorite shows, MSCL and Twin Peaks. ( I already see so many parallels with Twin Peaks, can't wait to see if there are more)

I live under a rock and had no idea that MTV would be airing the pilot again until I caught it half way through. I really wanted a tape of the pilot and now I feel doomed. Does anyone know if they are playing hte pilot anywhere ever again? Or to sound really crazy, did anyone tape it? I would happily pay for a copy.

Well, I am off to set up the vcr for tonight, so at the very least I can have all the other episodes.

Great to see this community sprang up already!
Bad Romance

orimental in veronica_mars

oceanside, not oceansite

I was watching the opening scenes of this week's ep, and something bothered me about the campus. It looked vaguely familiar. That's when it hit me. It was the campus of Oceanside High School, a high school in San Diego, CA. Apparently, they shot the pilot there last spring and are currently going to use the campus for various scenes. A lot of the extras are actual students from the school. There were also a few mentions of San Diego locales like Torrey Pines by the characters. I think I just might take a trip there one of these days. It's just down the freeway from where I go to school.

jennyo in veronica_mars

Ep 1.2 "Credit Where Credit's Due"

Veronica Mars tonight...Collapse )

And if you missed tonight's episode because you were thinking it's on Wednesdays? Fear not! MTV replays this week's ep Tuesdays @ 7/6 central. So you can catch that, then wait an hour/watch Gilmore Girls, and then watch the next episode.
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