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September 25th, 2004

vs- let's lay here forever

7thfloor in veronica_mars

UPN's new Buffy?

I'm pretty sure that this show will end up another one of my obsessions. The first episode alone was great, I really loved it. Does anyone else see the resemblence of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars (without the demons and vampires and such)?

From USA Today:
Kristin Bell's Veronica Mars is more akin to Buffy the Vampire Slayer than to Nancy Drew.

Yes, both girls are teen detectives, an idea that's no more or less preposterous now than it was in the days of Drew. But for Veronica, detective work isn't a hobby — it's a job that was forced upon her by tough times.

More here..

I'll be making icons of the pictures and screencaps that I can find soon, so if anyone has any requests, feel free to ask. I can also make a banner for this community if that would be okay, but that may take a while (a week or so, maybe sooner).

zgirl714 in veronica_mars

(no subject)

Hey! You guys were talking about Veronica Mars icons and stuff so I made some from the caps from She's a Marshmallow.

Remember save to your own servers and credit.


Veronica Mars Cast
Veronica Mars Cast

Have any of you guys read what they wrote about the pilot at Television Without Pity? Its really complimentary.
carl peter freedom gig

dachelle in veronica_mars

More scheduling news

According to The Futon Critic, MTV has purchased the repurposing rights to Veronica Mars. Basically, this means that MTV will be showing repeats of the new episodes the Tuesday after they're broadcast, beginning with a repeat of the pilot this Tuesday.

Thanks to everyone who's posted icons, fan art, links to other sites and articles, etc. Keep them coming! Also, even though it's not in the user info, fanfic is welcome here. Just be sure to post it under a cut or as a link to your own journal, and put in the appropriate warnings regarding content.
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