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mandee_jayne in veronica_mars

Important episodes for season 2 and 3

Okay, so back when VMars aired, and back when I was much more active on LJ, this was my go-to. I tried googling for any such list, and failed so here I am, and I hope you guys can help me! My boyfriend and I are about to finish season 1 (finally, I've only been trying to make him watch for a year). But there's just not enough time to get through season 2 and 3 before the movie comes out. What are the must-see episodes, and a guide for the in-between episodes, so he can at least have all the info when we go see the movie? It's been too long since I've rewatched everything that I can't remember where the most important and/or interesting things are located. Thanks!


I don't know of any specific list, but I could try to cobble one together for you! I've been doing a re-watch recently so it's pretty fresh. It's hard to say which episodes are *essential* since I wouldn't say almost any episode is totally filler (though One Angry Veronica is probably a one that can easily be skipped!). About how many eps do you guys have enough time for?
I don't want you to go through a bunch of trouble, I was hoping a list already existed! :) We probably only have time for about 15 or so more episodes, we just opened a business and just don't have the time to watch very much these days.
Yeah, I don't know of any list like that... sorry! But I'll try to come up with one if no one else finds something. Could be fun :)
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