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mandee_jayne in veronica_mars

Important episodes for season 2 and 3

Okay, so back when VMars aired, and back when I was much more active on LJ, this was my go-to. I tried googling for any such list, and failed so here I am, and I hope you guys can help me! My boyfriend and I are about to finish season 1 (finally, I've only been trying to make him watch for a year). But there's just not enough time to get through season 2 and 3 before the movie comes out. What are the must-see episodes, and a guide for the in-between episodes, so he can at least have all the info when we go see the movie? It's been too long since I've rewatched everything that I can't remember where the most important and/or interesting things are located. Thanks!


I don't know of any specific list, but I could try to cobble one together for you! I've been doing a re-watch recently so it's pretty fresh. It's hard to say which episodes are *essential* since I wouldn't say almost any episode is totally filler (though One Angry Veronica is probably a one that can easily be skipped!). About how many eps do you guys have enough time for?
I don't want you to go through a bunch of trouble, I was hoping a list already existed! :) We probably only have time for about 15 or so more episodes, we just opened a business and just don't have the time to watch very much these days.
Yeah, I don't know of any list like that... sorry! But I'll try to come up with one if no one else finds something. Could be fun :)
You could always read the "Important Parts" for each episode on marsinvestigations.net, and the summaries of each of the mysteries. There are several episodes in season 3 that I think you can skip without consequence (316-318 come to mind), but I agree with etherealclarity about season 2 -- the mysteries are so intertwined that it's hard to pick and choose. I always thought I didn't like season 2 very much, but I think that's just because I don't have a lot of favorite MOTW episodes, so it's hard to casually rewatch an episode or two here and there.
This is old, and I'm sure you've gotten your answer, but to anyone else wondering, season two is like entirely skippable. It was such a flop and unentertaining. The abbreviated third season is by far better and it's A HOT MESS.

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