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timeless_devil in veronica_mars

So I recently got hooked on Veronica Mars. I rented season 1 & 2 to catch myself up and I just finished and watched the season 3 premire re-run tonight. I am a bit confused about a few things and was hoping someone could clear it up for me...

Why and when did Veronica choose not to go to Stanford?

When did Logan and Veronica first sleep together? Over the summer?

Did Veronica get the Kane scholarship?

I missed a few episodes of season 3, but it's driving me crazy...

Thanks for anyone who helps!

Oh yeah, and in the season 2 finale, when Logan and Veronica kiss at the office, it could have had more passion. Like in the first season. Oh yeahhhh...!


When Veronica left her exam to go see the verdict on the Aaron Echoll's trial, it was assumed that she was also giving up Stanford and the Kane scholarship.
oooh yeah. That makes sense. I forgot about that part. Thanks!
If i remember correctly, she saw Wallace through the window and thought about what he said about being best friends and decided to stay.
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As for question #2: I have no idea. I thought that was handled horribly. If that's all we're going to see, I'd rather not see that part. It was lame and unnecessary. (IMO)
After giving that scene some thought, I thought the scene was done well. If you think about it, it's really a parallel between when she and Duncan slept together. We saw the same thing, them chattering afterwards. In this case, they're sweaty unlike before. Veronica isn't just complacent, she's thirsty (we imagine from all of the work) and she's just all around happier than before. Sure, I would have liked to see some of the passion because they seemed to have lost their chemsitry, but the actual planning of the scene was pretty good, I think.
Good point about comparing it to the Duncan/Veronica post-sex scene. However, played for a fresh audience, I don't think they would have those insights, and even I as a long-time viewer went "Eh? Really? They are really active sexually, and this is how you introduce it? Okay."
Very valid comments. I didn't think about the new viewers one, but you're definitely right. And it was a little flat for me too, despite the parallels.
I'll tackle these as best as I can.

1. Veronica chose not to go to Stanford the minute she recieved the "verdict is in" message. Plus with her gazing at Wallace in the hallway you saw it coming.

2. God knows. Probably in the airport bathroom or something. All we got to see was the after-sex which is so not cool.

3. Ronnie sadly didn't get the Kane scholarship but we wouldn't have a season three if that happened.

And I have to disagree with your last point. I thought the kiss had too much passion. They just reunited and while it seems like the perfect conclusion (for then) it seemed rushed. Veronica and Logan need to take a step back because jumping right into what had previously failed was not a smart idea. But hell I was a sucker for that scene and I cooed with delight just like every other LoVe shipper out there.

BTW welcome to VM world =]
Your icon is fabulous!
thank you. I'm slowly scraping cash together to someday purchase one of those bad boys (Logan or the Xterra =P )
I guess I just would have wished for a more intimate/romantic kiss scene... like they look into their eyes and there is that look, that moment where they are looking into each others eyes and realize that they are meant to be. I am a sucker for romance and yeah, I liked the playful kissing they did in the hall, but I jsut wish we could have seen like the first one... the one where all their emotions come crashing in and they realize all they want is each other.
Yes well the first kiss was euphoria. And I don't think they were staring into each others eyes because "they knew they were meant to be," I think it was a moment of being taken aback and totally stupefied. The kissing in the hall was more blissful and gave off the impression of assurance of their relationship (which again I think was rushed).
I know, I'm just a sucker for romance lol
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