Important episodes for season 2 and 3

Okay, so back when VMars aired, and back when I was much more active on LJ, this was my go-to. I tried googling for any such list, and failed so here I am, and I hope you guys can help me! My boyfriend and I are about to finish season 1 (finally, I've only been trying to make him watch for a year). But there's just not enough time to get through season 2 and 3 before the movie comes out. What are the must-see episodes, and a guide for the in-between episodes, so he can at least have all the info when we go see the movie? It's been too long since I've rewatched everything that I can't remember where the most important and/or interesting things are located. Thanks!
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Oliver Queen

Veronica Mars fans who donated to the Kickstarter campaign

Hi all! I'm both a VM fan and an academic who's interested in fandom and crowdfunding. I have a conference presentation coming up on the VM Kickstarter campaign, to which I have a few questions. I'd be extremely grateful if you guys can have a look at the questions and answer them. Even if you didn't pledge any money to the campaign, your opinions are appreciated as well. All responses used in the presentation will be anonymous. If you have any more questions about my research or the presentation, you're more than welcome to PM me, or leave a comment to this post. And please feel free to spread this survey far and wide! Thank you!!

The link to the survey is here:

Veronica Mars Yearbooks

Hey marshmallows,
I hope it's okay to post this...

A long time ago (circa 2009) the now defunct VM site 'Neptune Rising' posted PDFs of Veronica Mars Cast/Crew Yearbooks.
The Yearbook PDFs were given to the site by their creator, Rick Pickett, the graphic designer for VM. He designed them as keepsakes for the cast and crew filled with goofy behind the scenes pictures, etc.
Basically, they were kinda amazing.

I downloaded them back then, but since then, my computer crashed and I lost the files.
I can't seem to find them anywhere for download and was wondering if anyone could help me out by posting a link or sending them to me?

Any leads would be much appreciated.