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Things I Love about Logan/Veronica

I'm not eloquent and good with words but after seeing some negativity about my favourite couple recently, I wanted to do something positive.

Some things I love about Logan/Veronica

1. I love that after the way Logan treated Veronica all year, the second he came to her for help finding his mother, she dropped everything to help him. There was no mocking, no snark or anything like that, it was straight to the point.

2. I love that she ripped up the cheque. One of my favourite scenes. How much did she need that money? A hell of a lot. Throughout the whole helping him, it seemed she didn’t expect to get paid and ripped it up as soon as he did. I love the look he gives her in return.

3. I love that she was the one he broke down with. It might have happened with whomever he was with at that point, but she was still the one that gave in to her conflicted feelings and held him.

4. I adore their first kiss and want to have its babies. How can you not? She kisses him briefly, in thanks. She looks so shocked and worried about what he is going to do and then just bam! Best. Kiss. Ever. The looks on their faces after are amazing. I also adore the way he beat that guy up for her. But as it is all part of their first kiss, it doesn’t get a bullet point. ;) And I love when they take the agent into that room, Logan is still glaring and protective of her and won’t let her close the door.

5. Their awkward first conversation after is great. “So, what do you think?” “Like, in general or is there a specific arena in which you want my opinion?” Then it trails off and he points at the bell. I just love it.

6. I love that Logan seems to really like her PI-ness, something I always felt Duncan never really got behind. He has this little smile on his lips as he watches her in 1.19.

7. I love that Veronica is the first person Logan ‘moved on’ with after Lilly. He had obviously dated since her, and probably slept with a hell of a lot more girls, but he has obviously never had feelings for anyone else before Veronica.

8. I love their passion. Seriously? The scene in the bathroom. Wow. I have watched that scene so many times.

9. I love their spinning kisses!

10. They can snark with each other, at a level no one else can. Whether it is cruelly barbed comments that cut right to the quick (which I don’t love) or just funny banter, no one else can do it like those two. The scene at the beginning of 2.13 is prime example. And Logan? Totally flirting.

11. I really like that Logan wants to be honest in 1.21 about the party. I am not excusing anything he did, but I love that he is trying to come clean before they get in too deep.

12. He saved her from the school bus in 1.20 by collecting her car.

13. I love his date to Catalina. The ending breaks my heart, but I love it anyway.

14. These characters are complicated. The story isn’t just character A falls for character B. There are other people and so much hurt and pain between them. He tormented her for a year because he blamed her for his ex’s death and she won’t friggen trust him – but there is this thing between them. This deeper level of understanding and care, even if one of them is trying to push it away.

15. I love “You had me at ice cold.” And he totally check out her ass before he says it.

16. I love that Cassidy says “Wow!” after they get busted at the surprise party. Yes, this has nothing to do with L/V but it always makes me giggle.

17. When she broke down, it was because she feared for Logan. She feared he was going to end up dead. She wasn’t scared for herself.

18. I really loved that when she broke down in the car, he put his hand on her. (I love that more than humanly possible.) She also broke down in front of him, someone she hasn’t done in front of anyone else before, other than her father briefly, and cried a little with Wallace.

19. Logan tries to be supportive and give her space in 1.22, even though she is acting strangely.

20. He makes his one phone call to her from the sheriffs department. Of all the people in the world.

21. Veronica goes to find the letter he wrote Lilly to prove he didn’t kill her. Or at least that he was back in Neptune for the reason he said so. She wants to believe he didn’t kill Lilly.

22. I love the entire scene at the surprise party. He holds out his hand, she takes it even though Duncan is there. He tells anyone to get out who doesn’t approve and tells Dick to evaporate. I don’t think he would do this for anyone.

23. They are hot together. Seriously scorching.

24. They make out in cars. Much love. He also tells her he loves her in said make out session, while cracking jokes at each other. Gah. He also totally automatically covers her body with his when the glass smashes.

25. She wanted it to be Logan behind the door. (Others have said she didn’t, because of the confusion, but RT cleared up she was confused because he wasn’t turning around and she did indeed want it to be Logan.)

26. Veronica believes he didn’t kill Felix. She supports him throughout his trial, and still continues to help him, going against her possible morals of bugging a confessional.

27. Veronica went to school – willingly – during the summer, to have lunch with him.

28. She’s entirely too angry about Kendall for it to be anything other than jealously and a maybe a tiny bit of hurt.

29. Logan looks very hot dressed as Tom Cruise. Veronica looks very hot dressed as Madonna.

30. Logan wants an emotionally unavailable woman after all. And she boom booms his joke. That's love, kids.

I miss them.

Lists are made for adding to!


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I can't add anything to it right now because i'm too enveloped in Warm Fuzzies to think straight. this post made my night and I now have a big grin on my face. what have you heard that's negative about these two!? I'll beat 'em up, I swear ;)
Aw, thank you!

It's just people saying they don't like them together, don't think they are right for each other etc. It isn't anyone or anywhere specific, just a general thing.

Glad you liked it!
I love Veronica in that second picture!
Hee! I loved that picture myself.
Best post ever.

(Though, you forgot one of my favorite scenes. *points to icon*)

God, I need more LoVe in my life.

Oh man, I love this. You covered most of my favorites so I'll just say I agree with you. I miss them together too.

Heh, there must be something in the air. I posted a kissing picspam about them on my LJ last night, in honor of Valentine's Day. wisteria did a picspam of M.A.D. You've done a nice one here. Lots of V/L picspams make the hiatus easier to take.
Oops, didn't mean to copy everyones picspams! Actually, it wasn't intended to be a picspam at all, I just added pictures to make it pretty at the last minute.

Thank you very much!
So much sweetness! LoVe it! :)
Thanks so much for this, I needed it, I miss them too!

My reason why they are perfect for each other is because they grieved for Lilly in exactly the same way: by acting tough and having an attitude while inside they were dying. They understand each other and because of this can only be truly honest and truly themselves when they are with each other.
Thank you!

That is a very good and true point.
Don't forget that in post-WoCD!S1, Logan became more bouncy and skipped and twirled whenever he was with Veronica. Examples? Leg kick in the bathroom scene and the way he was when they left his surprise party and went to the pool house. I believe there were more, but I'm running low on sleep.

Anyway, this post made my night. I'm so sick of the L/V-haters. It especially makes me mad when I see people that say, "I used to like Logan/Veronica, but *blahblahblah-enter-something-fandom-related-here*." Which I've seen quite a bit.
Aw, thank you!

No matter how many crazy L/Vers there are, they will never shake my love of L/V. Just me love of... the fans. But, I ignore them anyway. ;)

Good point! I'm not sure whether to add to the list or make people read the comments for more. I'm feeling lazy at the moment anyway. Thanks for adding!
I don't know, if you have just had you hope that your mother is alive totally and utterly shattered, I don't think you can help but break down. It is possible he could have held it in a little longer, but I love that she holds him, even when clearly conflicted.

I was glad RT did as well!

Thanks! Glad you liked it. :)
THIS made me smile, and it just makes me love them even more than before.

I miss them too. *sigh*
Aw, thanks! Glad you liked!
i like this picture the most: http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d138/fickledame/loganveronica/bed.jpg

cause he looks like someone i know :)
Wow, lucky you knowing someone that looks like Logan! Do you randomly lick him? I totally would.
16. I love that Cassidy says “Wow!” after they get busted at the surprise party. Yes, this has nothing to do with L/V but it always makes me giggle.

That has to be one of my favourite VM moments. My sister and I watched that moment so many times that we wore out the tape.
Hee! I love it as well. :)

helping us thru hiatus

oh man, I'm going home to re-watch the entire first season right now. bugger work, my boss isn't even here so he won't know ;)

thankyou! :)

Re: helping us thru hiatus

Hee! I'm glad I inspired a yen for some VM. Dude, that totally rhymes.

No problem!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I get so cranky when people say they dont wanna see them together. Veronica is the only person will be able to get that boy straight, she knows him inside and out. If I were to add anything to the list it would be:
1. Logan always seems to stare at her, if you notice in season 1 there are alot of times where he will just stare at her for no reason.
2. He is always very tender with her. Yes the first kiss and bathroom, suprise kiss's are awesome Hot but I adore how he kisses her on the forhead or the tip of the nose. Its just so simple and tender and loving
forehead* geesh my spelling sucks LOL
Yay! Thanks for this list. I love it! And yet it makes me a bit sad. It will happen again, won't it? Here is to hoping..
It will, it will! Have hope!

Glad you liked it!
I needed this. I was starting to feel depressed because it seems that LoVe is not going to happen again and Rob seems to be trying to kill the ship by making Logan really sleazy. I have nothing against him but it hurts to be jerked around like this.

My thoughts are somewhat emotionally (or irrationally, take your pick) stated here.
Aw, keep with the hope! It will happen again, honest!

I will check out your post, thanks!
I'm grinning happily right now. For the first time all day.

Thank you.
Aw, that's so sweet! I'm glad.

Thank you!
Greatest post ever. Is it wrong that I completely love you right now?
Heee they are teh cute. I can't believe i've gone this long without my LoVe fix. They must end up together, it's inevitable and crucial to all of us fangirls. Thank you so much for making this, it made my night!
Aww! You make me miss my ship SO much. They really are the best.

Thank you so much for this post! It makes this hiatus a little bit better - because I know there's still so much for these two! :D
Thank you and no problem!
Thanks so much!! This has definitely made my day.

I love your reasons about Veronica's breakdown. You're right, she didn't just break down because of her own situation, she was worried about him. Such an amazing scene!
Thank you!

Yeah, I adore that scene so, so much. I know a lot of people didn't, because they were just like OMGVERONICABITCH, but I saw very deep feelings and probably a lot of the reasons she broke up with him. And he puts his *hand* on her. Gah, how can people not love that scene?

Aw man! I am so happy about this post! Thanks for the list. I'm adding this to my memories to look at whenever I need cheering.

I also love the scene in 2x1 where he sees her by the bus and mocks her and says he'll miss her. The look they give each other is smoldering. I know it's not really a 'ship scene but STILL. So much angst and feelings in the air.
Aw, thank you!

Hm, I thought that "I'll miss you" was kinda creepy. The looks are good though!
Yay! A Happy post about L/V! All your moments are great :) I actually think that their kiss by the XTerra is the hottest one but I love your cap of the bathroom kiss - the way they're completely wrapped up in each other...sigh. JD and KB have such amazing chemistry. I haven't seen anyone mention "the hallway scene" at the Neptune Grand from ?yikes? Driver's Ed I think. (I'm old and my memory is fading). They are both so obviously freaked out about seeing each other there, and there's hostility and awkwardness and jealousy. They managed to convey so much with almost no dialogue... Yep. I love that scene. I love their angst. No way are they over - by a long shot.
Grrr. Or what I meant to say : No way are they over - NOT by a long shot! Oops :)
Hee! Yes, that was an awesome scene. KB and JD are amazing.
If this were elementary school and I were your teacher, you'd get FIVE gold stars for the best post ever! AND a whole month of homework freebies. :D :D :D
Aw, thank you!
Awwwww, *is very nostalgic at the moment*
Hee! Yeah, me too.
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