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Kristen Bell in Animal Fair magazine.

So I went to the lobby of my building earlier and they had copies of "Animal Fair" magazine on the desk. So I immediately went to grab one, having two critters of my own, and saw (with some shock and awe) Miss Kristen Bell herself on the cover!

So I ran upstairs and scanned the article. The scanning quality isn't 100% wonderful, but you should be able to read everything.

Let me know if you have any problems (the pictures are HUGE -- behind a cut) reading the article, and I'll type it out.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Aw her dogs are as cute as she is.
aw how adorable
whoa that is soo cute!
thanks for scanning this and sharing it :D
Aaaaaaaw! Why does she have to be so perfect?! She was hilarious on PUNK'D though haha.
Thanks for sharing! That was a really sweet article, her dogs are adorable!
thank you do much for scanning, what a great article.
Wow, I wished I lived in L.A, because I would sooooo adopt that dog!
aww that is too cute. Thanks for scanning/sharing!
How adorable. And it's no wonder that Malie has knocked her down a few times. He looks almost as big as she is. But it also looks like he has a sweet disposition.
Thank you so much for scanning and posting.
This is awesome.
aww. Thanks for posting this! I love that she has mixed rescue dogs. My dog is a rescue dog too. He was so sick that no one wanted him. We have to give him medicine every day, but he's so sweet and loving!
The dog on the far right is the cutest thing, ever.

Thanks for scanning this and sharing!
Aw, that article is just adorable! Thanks for sharing :)
Her dogs are too adorable for words! And it looks like the big one is the dog she was putting up posters for on Punk'd. Thanks for the scan. I haven't heard of this magazine before.
She's awesome :D

Thanks for sharing this article. Too cute for words!
Hey it was the first chance I got to use the scanner included in my printer. I was happy to share. :) And yes, the puppies are adorable.
Aww...that article is so cute!
Thank you very much for scanning it!!
The pictures are adorable!
Thank you soo much for sharing this article! Kristen is such a sweet person.

Would I maybe be allowed to use these scans for my Kristen Bell site? I'd give you full credit of course!
But if not that's fine too. :)
Feel free. :)
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