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bluesuzanne in veronica_mars

HQ picture of Jason Dohring and his wife

Just thought some people might be interested to see this HQ picture of Jason with his wife Loren


Um... hmm... maybe she should've worn a bra with that shirt? Or am I making this up?
nope, not just you. esp when it's hq photo.
I was just thinking that.
I noticed that as well lol. I was about to type "I wonder why she left the house with her boob showing.". Other than that, looks like a nice dress.. but maybe next time, wear like a black dress under it or I dunno, some kind of bra or something.. maybe not a sheer dress even!
It's not sheer. Someone who doesn't go out on red carpets a lot (like his wife, I assume) probably won't realize you need to either wear THICK clothes or definitely a bra, because powerful paparazzi flashes can go right through clothes. I'm sure the shirt was totally opaque when it wasn't being strobed with blinding light.
Well, I think the skank knew she was going to be photographed.
Yes, I know.

*hangs head in perverted shame*
I think the shirt looks nice like that.
After all, she's only young once. How many braless years does she have left?

A lot, from the looks of her -- a main advantage of not being really buxom, haha.
Amen! Ah. Jason.
Why is he cheating on me with that titty-popping slut!!
best comment.
There goes my fantasies. Why did you have to tell me he's married? :p
Does it make it worse to hear that he's also a scientologist, and would probably only marry you if you were too? (Oh, and she is, btw!)
Haha! You're kidding! Actually, it makes me feel better, since I don't do that cult thing.
Yeah, can we just pretend that he doesn't have a wife? Girlfriend is bad enough, but wife is so *permanent*, and doesn't jive with the whole "hot high schooler" image. ;P
I don't trust a woman who spells Lauren with an "o".
it's so disappointing that he's really taken..
she looks like she'd been on the Atkins diet for a little too long.
i like logan better than jason
haha, logan = younger looking
jason = older looking

if that makes any sense? :P
I thought the exact same thing! Weird, isn't it?

Also: he and his wife have eyes the exact same color.
i was thinking that too!
don't think she is that pretty. and damn i would hate to have HQ pics on the net of myself haha.
*crys* I didn't know that he was married! And he's a scientologist?!

Gah. I'm going to pretend I never read that.
She seems really sweet they are cute together...lucky girl, but needs a bra.
WOW Lucky bitch not needing a bra...i'd need titty tape to get that effect. As much as it annoys they look amazingly cute togther and also she's very 'normal' looking i expected him to be married to someone very very Princessy for some reason but she looks okay i guess kinda cutesy cutesy but i still think i'd look better on his arm LOL!! I would need to ask my fiancé if that would be okay first though ahaha..this post cracked me up!!
Okay, I feel stupid, but does anyone want to tell me what HQ means?
I believe it's "high quality."
does anyone eles think she looks a little old for him


yeah - she has got some serious crows feet around her eyes. i bet she's older than him by a few years.
Jason married a skank! And a brunette version of Kristen Bell! He must really have a thing for petite girls...and yes, she does look older than him, like in the face or something. (What can I say? I already hate her!) And I heard Jason was a scientologist, too. So weird. Who would have thought the hottest guy on tv was a cultist?


LOL. I think maybe everyone is a little to obsessed with this marriage thing. I think she's pretty and I bet they are very happy together. :)
It looks like he has a pimple on his forehead.. I have to much time on my hands
Me too, and I noticed that too lol. It is always there, I always notice it, so it must be some kind of mole or something. It is one of his only flaws.
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